Junki to Speak in Tokyo, Japan

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Junki Yoshida, Photo by James Hill © 2015

Junki Yoshida, America’s sauce king and a very generous, big-hearted, philanthropic-minded friend of our community, is off again to Tokyo, Japan in October for some great speaking engagements. Highly sought in Japan, Junki makes a half dozen or so trips there yearly for business, to speak to city halls and corporations, and to make special arrangements to promote a positive attitude for overcoming challenges, working out difficulties and making business growth into success. Junki Yoshida is a successful Oregon businessman who came from Japan in 1969 with 500 dollars to his name. He taught Karate to local Police Departments, lived in his car for some time, and attended community college as he worked toward the American Dream, His motto is “Keep on Dreaming” and he has proven to be a fighter that everyone looks up to and respects. Junki is an outstanding example of hard work leading to success. Junki is an 8th Degree Black Belt and still has numerous dojos throughout America under his oversight. He is the chairman of the Japan Karate Federation Ryobu-kai NW and Hombu Dojo in Hillsboro. Junki faced adversity and many challenges in his life, often falling flat but always getting up and driving on. He is a man of strength and great spirit. He made his family secret recipe a sauce that is now world renowned: Yoshida Foods is a very successful company comprised of 18 corporations. Junki never forgets where he came from and respects both management and those who want to reach for the stars as he did. He is disciplined, funny, serious, often touching to the point of tears at these lectures. He has touched many lives both here in America and in Japan. Junki and Yoshida Foods sponsor both the Friends of Japan in Oregon Natsu Matsuri festival in Beaverton and the Portland Sand in the City sculpture contest in downtown Portland. Junki was awarded into the Hall of Fame of Companies and has received many awards, including the Foreign Ministers Award of Japan. He is a community leader here in Oregon and a great philanthropist. He and his wife Linda raise awareness of and funding for cancer, Souful Giving Blanket Concert which they hold at their own residence in Sandy River Estate. They do an outstanding job. These speaking engagements in Japan are very popular and sell out quickly. This is a man who is loved by many and who gives back like no other. The seminars will be successful and a real treat for those who attend. Others on the circuit joining Junki are Sotsugi Tokuji, owner of Curry House Co., and Ken Honda, motivational speaker and author of Money. The lectures will take place in October so if you’re traveling to Tokyo, Japan then, maybe you can manage to catch Junki at one of his engagements.

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