James Kennedy, Royal Rosarian Knight and Portland Sapporo Sisiter City Association Board Member

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James Kennedy is a retired educator who is very active with the Royal Rosarians and the Portland Sapporo Sister City Association (PSSCA). He was introduced to the Royal Rosarians 13 years ago by Heidi Izawa, and although retired, still contributes time to assist teachers, volunteers with meals on Wheels, and helps the PSSCA in its planning and decision making. The Royal R
osarians are the official greeters and ambassadors of goodwill for the City of Portland, Oregon. They welcome visiting dignitaries from around the world, host hundreds of out-of-town visitors, march in parades throughout the region, and perform ceremonial rose plantings in honor of worthy individuals both in Portland and during Rosarian ambassadorial trips to distant cities throughout the world. Organized in 1912, the Royal Rosarians are a non-profit, civic organization whose members donate their time and effort selflessly and gratis to the people of the Rose City. A quiet, compassionate and giving man who has a reputation for getting things done, James spent 30 years teaching and was Teacher of the year at Centennial Middle School. He is 69 years young and loves to travel with friends. His wife, who just passed away last year, was also his best friend and travel companion; they traveled to 26 countries. He has two daughters and two granddaughters. James also spent time on the Multnomah County Parole Board, where he gave his time and energy to help kids get their lives back on the right track. James and his fellow Royal Rosarians can be seen in their distinctive white suits greeting visitors to the city, marching in the Portland Rose Festival Parade, attending the Mochitsuki Festival in the PSSCA booth and many, many other area events. This year the Royals Rosarians will host a Royal Rosarian Japan Tour 2009 that will connect with the PSSCA Japan Tour 2009 in Sapporo, Japan. Both tours were organized by Dai Ichi International. This will be James’ sixth trip to Japan, and he has worked hard to make each trip fun and culturally interesting. The Rosarians will leave Portland on their tour of Japan on Oct 26, 2009. They will first travel to Tokyo where they will visit the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building, the Imperial East Garden, former site of the Edo Castle. Later they will travel to the Kagura Houno at Meiji Jingu Shrine and Asakusa Kannon temple and the Nakamise Shopping Street. The next day the group travels to Kyoto, where the will go on a Hozu River Trip, then visit Togetsukyo Bridge, The Kinkakuji (Golden Pavilion), and Ryoanji temple with its famous rock garden. The following day, they will visit Nara and one of Japan’s most famous and historically significant temple and landmarks, the Todaiji Temple and Nara Park. Other places to be visited include Yakushiji Temple, constructed in the 7th century for the recovery of the emperor’s sick wife. There will also be free time for personal sightseeing in Kyoto, and the last evening before traveling to Sapporo, there will be an evening dinner with traditional Geisha Performances. The Rosarians will then head to Sapporo to meet up with the PSSCA and join in on the 50th anniversary celebration of Portland’s Sister City relationship with Sapporo. The public is invited to participate in both the Royal Rosarian and the PSSCA tours and may contact Dai Ichi International for assistance. – – – – – – SIDEBAR – – – – – – The Royal Rosarians Mission statement says that the object of the royal Rosarians shall be to promote the best interests of the City of Portland and the Portland Rose Festival. For nearly a century, the Royal Rosarians have supported children’s causes, the city of Portland and the Portland Rose Festival. To that end, they formed a foundation to supplement the Royal Rosarian mission and provide aid in three primary areas: Children at Risk, Scholarships for the City’s Youth, and Community Spirit The Royal Rosarian Foundations is a 501(c)(3) charitable corporation and contributions may be tax deductible. For more information on this worthy organization or to contribute to its charitable endeavors, please visit,, email them at or phone: (503) 295-4288.

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